Corporate Social Responsibility

We are an organisation that understands the value of knowledge and its power to change realities when set in action. This is why we have rolled up our sleeves in support of education initiatives and projects in our communities.

Swaziland Ndzameya Classroom Construction

Invested in construction of classrooms and teachers house at Ndzameya Community School in the Shiselwenin Region.

Gundvwini High School.jpg

Sponsored computers to Gundvwini High School to assist them to further their objective of offering high quality education.

Esicojeni Golf Day

Sponsored the Esicojeni foundation 2013 and 2014 Golf tournament; the funds raised assisted the Esicojeni foundation to improve the lives of the disadvantaged children in Swaziland.

Esicojeni Golf Day

Partnered with the Swaziland Epilepsy organisation to assist individuals and families affected by epilepsy and related neurological impairments by providing education, advocacy and services.

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